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can we increase our impact?


we’re a generous nation!

  • together we give $400b per year 
  • 70% is from individuals 

and we need resources, peer leaders and partnerships to elevate the impact of our generosity


our time and moment

  • we're experiencing the largest wealth transfer in modern history
  • technology is enabling new ways to give, interact and learn online

at givingcompass.org we're working with partners to enable donors who want to “up their game” and give with greater impact


we could give with more impact if we had

  • access to neutral, high-quality curated resources & benchmarks
  • increased access to learning opportunities
  • visible leaders sharing learning from impact-driven philanthropy

there are multiple sources, but it's hard to find the right information tailored to our individual needs

enabling impactful giving

GivingCompass.org is a free online platform to enable impact-driven philanthropy


It is your single online destination to find information curated by experts or by individuals you trust, related to:

how to give

who to partner with and where to meet

where to give with better impact 

giving with a 360-degree view


working together towards impact-driven giving

  • working together to gather the best content and technology related to giving with impact
  • partnership with leading foundations, non-profit organizations, academia and tech leaders


where and how to give, vetted by experts and peers

  • personalized and curated content: how & where to give
  • share information, rank, organize & follow to receive notifications when new relevant content is available 


local events, gatherings and co-investment opportunities

  • co-learning, leading or co-investing
  • connect with one, few or many like-minded individuals
  • private & safe

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