Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen takes a look at a South African teacher training and development organization which aims to advance our world's education system.

• Are we doing enough to equip our teachers with the skills they need in the U.S.? What can we learn from the Global Teachers Institute?

• Learn more on how to invest in teacher training.

By empowering teachers to become better educators, students and learners from across the world stand to benefit greatly.

That’s the central ambition of South African teacher training and development organization Global Teachers Institute (GTI), which was launched three years ago.

The organization is now on a mission to help produce more skilled teachers, not just in South Africa but globally.

We are dedicated to strengthening teacher capacity in South Africa and across the world by changing the way we train the teacher

The training that many teachers receive at traditional higher learning institutions doesn’t properly equip them to adapt to new methods of teaching — which could then hinder a child’s progress in school.

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