Racial Justice in Philanthropy: From Transactional to Transformational

Host Organization: Stanford Social Innovation Review


In this Complimentary SSIR Live! Program, Participants Will:

  • Learn what foundations are doing to respond to racism and support the self-identified needs of marginalized communities
  • Gain understanding of philanthropy’s legacy of white supremacy and privilege
  • Hear the personal stories and insights of leaders who are deeply engaged in this work

As our nation reckons with its history of racial injustice, how can philanthropy change its theories and methods of giving in order to contribute to positive social change?

What does allyship look like as we move into a new decade, rife with calamity and crisis, at a time when a global pandemic has exacerbated the systemic inequities that devastate the most marginalized among us?

An innovative cadre of philanthropic funders and grantees are moving away from business as usual and reimagining the process of partnering with and supporting Black-led organizing by shifting the old transactional model of giving to a new transformational path. This live discussion will examine philanthropy’s role in racial justice and explore future possibilities in our changing landscape. You can be part of a timely dialogue that examines lessons learned from these new approaches to funding frontline organizations—including a willingness to confront the historic legacy of white supremacy and building authentic relationships of trust with movement leaders.

In this complimentary SSIR Live! webinar, Crystal Hayling, the executive director of The Libra Foundation and founder of Democracy Frontlines Fund, will talk about philanthropy’s role today and tomorrow in addressing racial justice. Eric Ward, executive director of the Western States Center will share what frontline groups need from philanthropy, in the wake of the multiple upheavals of 2020. Teresa Younger, president and CEO of Ms. Foundation for Women will speak to the deep work of transformation philanthropy needs to do now to meet this moment.

The webinar will provide an opportunity for audience members to be challenged and made uncomfortable—to experience real-time learning as history unfolds and as change emerges in the philanthropic sector. The panelists will share important insights from the racial injustices of 2020, the philanthropic response to recent events, and a roadmap for foundations to support racial justice causes. Included in the viewer resources will be compilations of important articles and other materials to provide additional perspectives on the relationship between philanthropy and race.

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