USA COVID-19 Relief Fund Fund

About This Fund

COVID-19 has strained the US healthcare system and economy as a whole with many Americans finding themselves unemployed at this time. Charitable clinics across the US are experiencing an influx of need-based clients seeking help, needing aid in procuring their essential medications, with an expectation of even more need to come in the approaching weeks/months.

Monies brought into Blessings International's USA COVID-19 Relief Fund are used to bestow gift-in kind donations of crucial medicines to certain charitable clinics across the USA, who in turn give these free medicines to individuals in their hour of need.

About The Host Organization

Blessings International has provided pharmaceuticals to thousands of traveling medical teams going to more than 140 different nations since the ministry was created in 1981. In recent years, we've shipped an average of 250,000 lbs of medicines a year. Our mission is to heal the hurting, build healthy communities, and transform lives. We accomplish this by facilitating medical missions primarily in developing nations by serving as a source of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies for medical mission teams, clinics, and hospitals.

Host Organization

Blessings International

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Minimum Investment: $25

  • EIN: 73-1130590
  • Location: Broken Arrow, OK, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19