Rapid Response Fund Fund

About This Fund

Donations to this fund will assist local social service agencies, healthcare organizations, food service organizations, and emergency responders to address needs of personal protective gear, equipment, or supplies; support for communications or public awareness campaigns; support to address workforce needs; and funding for other operational needs.

For over 25 years, the Brown County Community Foundation has provided grant dollars to support vital efforts in our local community. From our earliest days, we have worked together with partners across the community to improve healthcare, to support education, and to advance quality of life efforts. We care deeply for the people of this county, just as those pioneers before us. It is with this tradition in mind and a sense of responsibility to those who work on the ground every day providing vital – even life-saving – services that the BCCF has created the Brown County Rapid Response Fund.

About The Host Organization

The Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF) is one of nearly 700 community foundations across the country dedicated to improving the quality of life in a particular region. The BCCF, established in 1993, is a foundation created by the community to serve the community. For the past 25 years, the BCCF has served as a vehicle for donors, volunteers and community members to identify important issues, share ideas, and build financial resources to make positive long-term change.

Host Organization

Brown County Community Foundation

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Minimum Investment: $5

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  • Location: Nashville, IN, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, Rural Philanthropy, COVID-19