Community Solidarity Fund Fund

About This Fund

The Community Solidarity Fund was launched amid the COVID-19 pandemic to provide emergency resources to the frontline Black and Brown communities most harmed by the virus and its economic consequences.

The fund supports rapid response work in this crisis moment, including direct relief to impacted individuals, and long-term organizing to address the root causes of the pandemic’s disproportionate impact and the systemic injustices brought to light by our government’s response. We are committed to responding to this moment with agility, flexibility, and transparency.

About The Host Organization

We know that the most vulnerable communities in our society are being hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. From immigrants who are ineligible for unemployment or stimulus checks, low-income people who don’t have income or bank accounts and won’t receive a stimulus check, these are the families left behind by the government’s emergency relief. Our grantees provide relief to their community members in the form of financial assistance for food, groceries, burial costs, and other basic needs.

Host Organization

Center for Popular Democracy

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