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For 21 years, the Alliance has supported and cared for our allies enduring a colorectal cancer crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the urgency of need. Our vast, trusted patient resources were used more than 329,000 times in 2019. Now they are being relied upon more than ever. We need to be there for our community. We need to innovate to provide resources. Our allies are telling us they are afraid, and they need information and support from a compassionate community like never before.

Together, our generous supporters have donated an incredible $322,138 to our Care During COVID-19 Fund, which has allowed the Alliance to help those in most need 34,598 times in just three months. From our Helpline and Clinical Trial Finder to the daily digital chats and our financial assistance program, our patient support services have never waivered during this challenging time. Because of our community’s incredible generosity, we’ve been able to preserve (and even expand) these critical offerings to ensure we are caring for those patients and caregivers who need it most.

About The Host Organization

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance was founded in 1999 as the Colon Cancer Alliance, by a group of 40+ survivors, caregivers and friends who saw the need to educate the public about colorectal cancer and provide support to those affected by the disease. Though it began as a simple online support group, the passion and vision of those involved began a nationwide movement. Following the sudden death of integral founder Marshall Kragen and the National March to Conquer Cancer in 1998, the group intensified their efforts. United in our fierce determination to dramatically impact the way society sees this devastating disease, we exist to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime.

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Colorectal Cancer Alliance

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