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In this moment, we want to increase our support of (1) the leadership that the education justice organizers are providing for families and communities to create healthy and vigorous learning environments for their children in their homes; (2) the leadership that the education justice organizers are providing for schools and communities to ensure all children, especially those who have been under-served, have access to distance learning tools and instruction; (3) the virtual training organizers are providing communities, families, and educators in centering the academic and SEL needs of children of color to ensure they are and stay on track to lead this nation; (4) the recording for posterity of education justice efforts for future learning and growth; and (5) organizers’ efforts to take the best of what schools are becoming in this moment and carry that best into a healthy and equitable future for education in this country. We are not calling these additional funds a "rapid response" fund only because we know this will take sustained giving over the long term to maintain and then recover from this very scary and very uncertain time.

The Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF) is hearing from our grantee partners who as grassroots organizers are canaries in the coal mine. They are the Black-led, often women-led organizations that society is comfortable leaning on for leadership and loathe to support with resources, policy, empathy, etc. CJSF’s "rapid response" to this coronavirus moment is the Education Anew Fund to support grassroots organizing in this moment and beyond. We are doubling down on our strategic priorities to Fund, Build, Connect, and Lead, and we are raising additional funds to (1) ensure our ongoing ability to resource the grassroots organizations that are our grantee partners, and (2) increase the resources available to the field at a moment in which organizers have no space for uncertainty.

About The Host Organization

The Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF), a project of the New Venture Fund, is a nationally-focused donor collaborative. CJSF provides resources in support of community led organizations that are working to ensure positive and supportive school climates that affirm and foster the success of all students.

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