City of Dallas Emergency Relief Fund Fund

About This Fund

The City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund for COVID-19 Relief was established in partnership with the Dallas Mayor and City Manager to support broad-based community emergencies that severely affect Dallas and that require immediate response.

The Dallas Foundation's COVID-19 Relief Fund will focus on support that meets at least one of the following criteria: relieves the extraordinary burden being placed on our public healthcare system, supports the basic needs of low-income individuals and families, supports childcare assistance for low-income families, addresses mental health needs and concerns, supports and sustains nonprofit operations and capacity-building needs during this time of disruption.

About The Host Organization

Since 1929, our sole purpose has been to help donors create charitable funds that reflect their interests and provide nonprofits with resources they need to serve the community. We act as a keystone - a link between donors and the community and causes they care about.

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Dallas Foundation

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Minimum Investment: $25

  • EIN: 75-2890371
  • Location: Dallas, TX, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19