COVID-19 Response Fund Fund

About This Fund

The DC Bar Foundation (DCBF) has established a COVID-19 Response Fund to address needs in the District of Columbia’s civil legal aid network that have been caused or intensified by the coronavirus pandemic.

DCBF’s COVID-19 Response Fund seeks to mitigate high-priority and short-term emergency civil legal aid needs of the most vulnerable residents in our community. Based on feedback from the network, we are seeing critical needs in three areas:

​• Employment Law: Helping grocery workers, nursing assistants, and other low-wage workers navigate workplace challenges stemming from COVID-19 such as rights to personal protective equipment or sick leave.

​• Family Law: Assisting families with child support, custody, and visitation emergencies such as parents not complying with existing visitation orders.

​• Public Benefits: Supporting individuals who have lost their low-wage jobs due to the crisis to secure unemployment compensation, as well as other types of cash and food assistance for their families.

About The Host Organization

The DC Bar Foundation is the leading funder of civil legal aid in the District of Columbia. We are committed to the vision that residents of the District have equal access to justice, regardless of income. Our mission is to fund, support, and improve legal representation of people living in poverty and in vulnerable situations, or who are otherwise under served in the District of Columbia.

Host Organization

DC Bar Foundation

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  • Location: Washington, DC, United States
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