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Louisiana is no stranger to disaster – in fact FFL was founded in the aftermath of disaster. FFL’s Equitable Disaster Recovery Framework provides a blueprint for how we can best respond as a regional intermediary to our community’s most urgent needs. This blueprint is executed through pre-positioning grants, rapid response funds, and recovery funds.

We will target our support towards the most vulnerable communities in our efforts: low wage workers, hourly workers, and healthcare workers; Black, POC, and LGBTQ communities; currently and formerly incarcerated individuals including undocumented individuals; single parents, and those who live at these intersections.

About The Host Organization

Foundation for Louisiana is the people's foundation. We tackle the issues that most deeply impact our communities, advocating alongside Louisianans to chart our own futures. We are transparent and accountable to our community around what we fund, who we fund, and how we make funding decisions. We have strong, stated, actualized values. We use our power responsibly, acknowledge it, and push it outward. We are Black-led and honor the knowledge of people of color, women, two-spirit and transgender individuals -- and the many ways in which these identities intersect. We are bold in our analysis and movement towards freedom, amplifying the lived experiences of Louisianans closest to the work. We bring people with us, and people bring us with them. We will continue to be courageous.

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Foundation for Louisiana

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