COVID-19 Rapid Response Migration Fund Fund

About This Fund

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is offering philanthropic support to provide emergency mini-grant funds to current, active grantees in our Migration and Forced Displacement Program to help them develop protocols to prepare for and respond to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Rapid Response Migration Fund will award mini-grants to help frontline migrant-serving organizations develop and launch emergency protocols, cover unexpected costs due to office closures or disrupted revenue streams, increase agility in services and advocacy, and address other unforeseen impacts of the ongoing pandemic.

About The Host Organization

Hispanics in Philanthropy is strengthening Latino leadership, influence and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources, and doing so with an unwavering vision on social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas.

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Hispanics in Philanthropy

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  • EIN: 94-3040607
  • Location: Oakland, CA, United States
  • Category: North America, Impact Philanthropy, Immigrants and Refugees, COVID-19