LGBTQ COVID-19 Response Emergency Fund Fund

About This Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges throughout the SF Bay Area and the nation, as well as in the Bay Area’s LGBTQ community. Horizons is making available $275,000 in immediate funding for LGBTQ organizations through our LGBTQ COVID-19 Response Emergency Fund.

To help Bay Area LGBTQ nonprofit organizations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to support individuals, couples, and families impacted by the pandemic and those in vulnerable and underserved parts of the community. And to help maintain our community’s critical nonprofit and service infrastructure by providing immediate financial support to LGBTQ organizations that play especially critical roles in that infrastructure.

About The Host Organization

Horizons is the world's first community foundation of, by, and for LGBTQ people. Explore how we have grown and helped to shape the SF Bay Area LGBTQ community since 1980.

Host Organization

Horizons Foundation

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Minimum Investment: $25

  • EIN: 94-2686530
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Category: North America, Impact Philanthropy, LGBTQIA+, COVID-19