COVID-19 Fund Fund

About This Fund

Montana Community Foundation (MCF) and Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) have partnered to create and administer the Montana COVID–19 Fund. This statewide fund will provide safety-net funding for Montana's rural and tribal communities adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund will specifically support those communities that do not have established community-specific funds.

Rural and tribal communities are far more vulnerable in disaster and lack the capacity and resources to respond to disaster in the same way urban cores do. The focus of the Montana COVID-19 Fund is to support these vulnerable communities, enabling them to better manage uncertainty and seek opportunity as they come out of this crisis. The fund also hopes to support rural resiliency that minimizes disruptions, helps ensure rapid recovery, with little loss of economic or social value, and reduces reliance on limited federal resources.

About The Host Organization

Since 1988, the Montana Community Foundation has worked tirelessly to create permanent philanthropy and build stronger communities. Our work with donors, charitable organizations, cities and towns plays a critical role in both philanthropic and community development. Since our founding, we have reinvested more than $68 million in Montana. In just the last 10 years, we have awarded more than $31 million in grants.

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Montana Community Foundation

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  • EIN: 81-0450150
  • Location: Helena, MT, United States
  • Category: North America, Impact Philanthropy, Rural Philanthropy, COVID-19