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About This Fund

Many thousands of performers, educators, and composers have been left with no work. As most do not have a safety net, they turn to Musicians Foundation for support. Our new Emergency Grant Program gives all eligible applicants up to $200 to get through a week or two at the beginning of this difficult time.

Your donation directly helps more musicians receive aid in times of need. When a trumpet player requires dental surgery to continue performing, when a hurricane destroys a music educator’s home, or when costly cancer treatments make it difficult for a composer to pay his mortgage, Musicians Foundation provides life-changing assistance. Your donation makes this possible.

About The Host Organization

Founded in 1914, Musicians Foundation is the country’s oldest independent nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to musicians and their families in times of need, crisis or transition. Since its inception, Musicians Foundation has provided nation-wide support to thousands of musicians across all genres, offering the support necessary for them to weather financial difficulties and personal setbacks with dignity and security. Funds raised through concerts, events, bequests, and individual donations have enabled Musicians Foundation to spend over a century giving back to the artists who make the music.

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Musicians Foundation

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Minimum Investment: $200

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  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, Arts and Culture, COVID-19