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Together, New York Life and Cigna, through our foundations, created the Brave of Heart Fund at E4E Relief to provide charitable support to families of US-based healthcare workers who lose their lives in the fight against COVID-19. Cigna is also providing behavioral and emotional health support to healthcare workers and their families by phone or online. Hopefully, these resources bring peace of mind to the brave people and their families protecting us through this crisis.

The cash grant awards will provide basic and continuing financial support for common needs, such as funeral costs, medical care, counselling, food, educational expenses of children and other dependents currently in school, mortgage or rent payments, and immediate living expenses, as these family members manage the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and begin to move forward.

About The Host Organization

For 175 years, people have worked with New York Life to protect their families and futures. We believe in the importance of human guidance and in trusted relationships built on being there when our customers need us most.

The Cigna Foundation provides charitable grants to nonprofit organizations with a focus on health equity and community health navigation.

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New York Life & Cigna

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  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19