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About This Fund

We are raising and mobilizing funds for the Flicker Fund to direct critical resources to the most vulnerable in our already challenged communities. The Flicker Fund provides direct grant support to stressed Indigenous communities on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, where some are already facing issues of hunger, lack of access to water, and unable to secure basic hygiene and material supplies needed for everyday life.

Flicker Fund goes directly to Indigenous community generated and led initiatives, providing:

1. Basic and urgent health, wellness, and hygiene needs of the most vulnterable with a focus on elders, multi-generational households, and families with children under the age of 5 years old
2. Traditional healing practices and remedies, food systems, and immune support
3. Historic and cultural teachings, stories, and lifeways that advance traditional knowledge systems that inform community members on health, healing, and moving forward with vitality

About The Host Organization

Founded in 1977, the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples emerged from a call from Indigenous communities in the Americas during the cultural, social and political renaissance era of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Leaders of the time, such as our primary founder, the late Daniel Bomberry (Salish/Cayuga), included chiefs, clan mothers, youth and community activists who established the organization to respond to the needs of grassroots Indigenous communities and initiatives engaged in cultural revitalization, leadership development, tribal sovereignty, and culturally appropriate economic development strategies. Seventh Generation Fund grew and evolved into the foremost Indigenous non-profit/social-profit organization in the United States.

Host Organization

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

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Minimum Investment: $25

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  • Location: McKinleyville, CA, United States
  • Category: North America, Impact Philanthropy, Race and Ethnicity, Rural Philanthropy, COVID-19