San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster Fund

About This Fund

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, through the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund – a community-led funder collaborative working across the nine counties of the region – continues to raise private and philanthropic contributions to support those most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Sierra Health Foundation and The California Endowment teamed up to seed the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund COVID-19 Response Cluster with contributions of nearly $500,000.

The mission of the Response Cluster is to ensure vulnerable families, individuals and the nonprofits serving them have the essential supplies, food, rent, utilities and other provisions needed, including access to the services, programs and protections available under local, state and federal law. As we move forward, we want to also support recovery, resilience and policy and systems change to address the root inequities that cause vulnerable populations to experience severe consequences as a result of all types of crises, including pandemics, economic downturns, natural disasters and others.

About The Host Organization

Sierra Health Foundation is a private philanthropy that forges new paths to promote health, racial equity and racial justice in partnership with communities, organizations and leaders. We are committed to reducing health disparities through convening, educating and strategic grantmaking. We founded The Center in 2012 to deepen our impact statewide, with a special focus on the San Joaquin Valley.

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Sierra Health Foundation

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