COVID-19 Economic Recovery Fund Fund

About This Fund

United Way donors, advocates and volunteers have been working hard to strengthen our community, but challenges are great for struggling, working families living on the edge. Those that have been working hard to get ahead are now fighting to survive through COVID-19’s health and economic crisis.

Grants awarded gave support to: childcare centers, food distribution efforts, shelters and treatment centers, utility and rent assistance programs, and personal protective equipment for nonprofits that serve struggling families.

About The Host Organization

Our dedicated staff and generous volunteers have been working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for every single person in our community since United Way of Delaware County’s foundation in 1925. We work to put ourselves out of a job in an effort to end the cycle of generational poverty long-term. Our Mission is critical and goes beyond the borders of Delaware County. Our friends, neighbors, coworkers and family live regionally and it’s time to recognize that we need to broaden our reach to be a multi-county United Way because #ChangeDoesn’tHappenAlone.

Host Organization

United Way of Delaware, Henry and Randolph Counties

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  • EIN: 35-0996148
  • Location: Muncie, IN, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19