COVID-19 Response Fund Fund

About This Fund

Housed at United Way and chaired by former Senator Dr. Bill Frist, founder of NashvilleHealth, the COVID-19 Response Fund supports nonprofit agencies that are helping individuals and families impacted economically by the coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 Response Fund was formed to quickly and effectively address the health and economic challenges of this virus.

To provide local organizations with flexible funding to assist and support individuals and families who are disproportionally impacted by coronavirus and the health and economic consequences of this outbreak.

About The Host Organization

United Way of Greater Nashville is working to create a community where every person-no matter their background, their abilities, or their zip code-has an equal chance at a bright future. Together, we can win if we live as one. If we make our neighbors’ struggles, our struggles. United, we can be the hand-raisers, the game-changers, the problem solvers. Together, we can create a community where every person and every family thrives. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty. Together, we can give kids an equal chance. Together, we can meet our neighbors' basic needs. Together, we can build strong, healthy communities. But change doesn’t happen alone. If united we fight. United we win.

Host Organization

United Way of Greater Nashville

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Minimum Investment: $25

  • EIN: 62-0533104
  • Location: Nashville, TN, United States
  • Category: Diseases and Cures, North America, COVID-19