COVID-19 Relief Fund Fund

About This Fund

The United Way of Washtenaw County has launched an emergency relief fund to raise funds for the emerging and critical needs of the community due to the coronavirus pandemic.

100% of the funds raised will be used to help non-profits meet the needs of the vulnerable populations including those needing food, children, families facing loss of income due to business closures, health issues and those experiencing housing crisis.

About The Host Organization

United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) recognizes that the strength and vitality of an entire community is tied to just and equitable access to resources and opportunities. We apply an equity lens to our focus areas to ensure that we are intentional and successful in addressing the needs of our community, and have made a long term commitment to systems change beyond this three year plan. We invite you to participate and work with us on the strategies and actions described within this plan, as the power of the United Way lies within all of us.

Host Organization

United Way of Washtenaw County

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Minimum Investment: $50

  • EIN: 38-1951024
  • Location: Ann Arbor , MI, United States
  • Category: North America, Impact Philanthropy, COVID-19