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Our role is to orient donors to an issue or approach: inform them about why it’s important, where they can learn more, how they can connect with others, and how they can take action.

Please review our 4 Impact-Driven Philanthropy Tenets:


Ensuring resources and power are fairly redistributed so all humans experience dignity and opportunity.


Drawing on evidence, collecting feedback, and evaluating progress using quantitative and qualitative data.

Systems Change

Addressing institutional, systemic, and structural root causes to eliminate inequities in social outcomes. 


Centering beneficiaries in the co-creation of solutions, ensuring integrity and accountability in processes and relationships.


Your contribution should do one or more of the following:

  • Orient donors to an issue with specific, actionable advice
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  • Serve as in-depth exploration of a news story
  • Profile an impactful organization or person
  • Provide peer-to-peer perspective (what other philanthropists recommend)

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    • Introduction to an issue/problem
    • Information on potential solutions, current efforts, etc.
    • Action items for donors
    • Link to organizations
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