This is the fourth post in “Complicating the Narrative on Bridging and Division,” a six-part blog series from CEP and PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement). This series seeks to highlight community-informed perspectives from five leaders in the build-up to the second event in CEP’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Learning Sessions: “Are We Better Off Divided? Philanthropy’s Role in Moving America Forward.”

The phrase out of many, one — inscribed on our coins in its Latin form, E Pluribus Unum — is a constant reminder of what makes our nation extraordinary.

Our heritage shares no common language, religion, culture, or land. We are a nation built on ideas, and the divergent viewpoints of the many can be a challenge in our endeavor to maintain our one civil society.

Philanthropy catalyzes solutions by identifying needs, bringing together doers, incubating promising practices, and, of course, providing resources. Through grantmaking and societal influence, philanthropy is a critical steward of the civil exchange of ideas and unites our nation through positive actions. Now, during this divisive time, it is vital to listen to all points of view as a way to visibly value tolerance and gain understanding across belief systems.

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