Giving Compass' Take:

· According to the United Nations, more than $2.6 trillion is lost to corruption around the world every year. Here, the author explains how this negatively affects societies, specifically those living in poverty. 

· How does corruption influence the function of a government? What can be done to eliminate corruption altogether? 

· Here's more on this topic and how the UN identifies corruption and abuse of power

More than $2.6 trillion is lost to corruption annually around the world, undermining efforts to end poverty and achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals, according to the UN.

In a UN security council session on Monday Dec. 10, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the many ways in which corruption harms societies and urged the gathered leaders to root out bad actors and enact reforms to improve government transparency and integrity.

“[Corruption] robs societies of schools, hospitals, and other vital services, drives away foreign investment, and strips nations of their natural resources,” he said.

“The poor and vulnerable suffer disproportionately,” he added. “And impunity compounds the problem.”

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