Giving Compass' Take:

• Food Tank credits food loss and food waste as the main reasons why so many people around the world have poor diets and are not receiving enough nutrition.

• How can donors and impact investors can help build a better food system? How can we help farmers in developing countries achieve a better and more nutritious agricultural system? 

• Here's how to encourage investment in global nutrition. 

A recent brief released by the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition addresses two huge contributors to poor diet—food loss and food waste. Poor diets have been linked to 20 percent of deaths globally according to the World Health Organization. Because of high levels of food loss and waste—especially of nutrient-rich, perishable foods—as many as three billion people are consuming low-quality diets that result in micronutrient malnutrition as well as rising levels of obesity. The Global Panel, an independent, international group of leaders from around the world, is committed to making safe, high-quality, healthy diets affordable and accessible to people around the world.

Food loss in the supply chain limits the availability of nutritious foods to consumers—as well as increases the costs of the produce that finally gets to market—creating significant public health risks. Reducing food waste—especially in retail establishments and consumers’ own homes—can also increase availability of nutritious foods. With a host of illnesses and diseases linked to poor diets, access to nutritious food is critical to ensuring that sufficient nutrients, not just sufficient calories, are available to nourish a growing population.

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