Giving Compass' Take:

• This article from The Signatry gives five practices to incorporate into your giving journey and to help maintain the passion in your philanthropy. 

• Which of these practices speaks to you most? How can our gifts have the most impact and meaning? 

Here's a guide to global giving. 

Tidings of Summer & Joy is in full swing, and the countdown to Christmas is on! An exciting part of Christmas each year is finding the perfect gift for the people we love and care about most. What if we put the same amount of energy and thoughtfulness into our generosity and charitable giving?  Here are five practices to help along in your generosity journey:

  1. Stretch your giving. Trust God. We are not called to give only when it is comfortable—after all, that’s not what Jesus did for us! As Paul urged the Corinthians believers to match the generosity of the Macedonians in 2 Corinthians 8:1-7. We should do the same with our generosity
  2. Focus on causes, not amounts. Whether you have $600 to give, or $600,000, choose the beneficiary of your generosity wisely. Where will your gift have eternal impact as well as temporal impact?
  3. Partner to solve needs. Is there a world problem that burdens your heart? Find individuals who have the same heart to end world problems and create a giving circle to tackle the issue.
  4. Pass on the value of generosity. Generosity is contagious. Encourage your family and friends to join you in the generosity journey. The Tidings of Summer & Joy generosity challenges are a simple way to encourage others to give alongside you.
  5. Make a commitment. Unexpected acts of generosity are wonderful. But there is also a place for making and keeping a promise regarding charitable giving. Whether that’s to yourself, your family, or an organization, plan it out and take it seriously! One way to accomplish this it to make a recurring grant through your donor advised fund.

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