Integrity in business goes beyond simply standing behind your products and adhering to rules and laws. The 5 traits below are associated with brands that are truly sustainable and ethical brands.

  1. Philanthropy:  Philanthropy is more than a buzz word to these types of business. They actively seek ways to give back to the world-at-large. Some companies donate to causes that promote social change, improve lives and safeguard the planet.
  2. Fair Trade companies offer fair wages to the people who do the work to bring products to their shelves. These are the products that are ultimately destined for your closets, shelves, pantries and home.
  3. Transparency: It’s important that you learn about the materials and ingredients in the products that you buy. From food to clothing to mattresses, etc., you want to safeguard your health and buy items made with organic and natural ingredients, whenever possible.
  4. Advocacy: Sustainable and ethical brands also advocate for communities at large. They work closely with professional organizations, charitable organizations and policymakers, to understand the needs of communities and to help to meet those needs.
  5. Carbon Footprint: Sustainable companies devote themselves to reducing their carbon footprint. They use organic and natural materials, sustainable materials, reduce waste and even minimize packaging.

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