Giving Compass' Take:

• Dr. Irving Leon Scott, previous chief academic officer, and deputy director at the Gates Foundation, discusses his role at the foundation and his 20+ year journey as a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent. 

• What can predominantly white philanthropic institutions improve upon to amplify black voices? 

• Learn about the importance of funding leaders of color to build equity and justice. 

Our guest, Dr. Irving Leon Scott is a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Scott served as the deputy director for K-12 education at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he led the investment of $300 million in initiatives focused on transforming recruitment and development of teachers.

Scott, an experienced educator takes us through his 20+ year journey as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, chief academic officer and deputy director at the Gates Foundation.

Listen to the full podcast about black leadership in white philanthropic institutions by Hassan Brown, Jamaji Nwanaji-Enwerem, and Onyema Nwanaji-Enwerem at Philanthropy and Social Movements.