Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Global Citizen, Lerato Mogoatlhe explains how career workshops supported by Tsogo Sun are helping tap into the potential of South Africa’s unemployed youth.

· The programs were based on input from several stakeholders, including the learners. How important is it to include beneficiaries in the conversation?

· Here's how the arts are empowering youths in South Africa.

The untapped potential that lies within South Africa’s unemployed youth is a national tragedy — and the number of young people who are neither learning nor engaged in income-generating activities is unacceptably high.

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate has averaged 52.0% from 2013 to 2018, and in the third quarter of 2018 had reached 52.8%, according to Trading Economics South Africa.

“It is a harsh reality that is impacting the country as a whole, and is a key focus of Tsogo Sun’s national corporate social investment (CSI) programme,” said Shanda Paine, Tsogo Sun Group’s CSI manager.

Tsogo Sun invests in various education and empowerment initiatives aimed at helping young South Africans to lift themselves out of poverty.

“The decision to invest — with funding and staff volunteerism — in career guidance and development in high schools was based on discussions and input from learners, parents, educators, and principals,” continued Paine.

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