Giving Compass' Take:

• Carolyn Miles explains that in emergency situations championing women empowers them to provide the best chance for children. 

• How can funders better identify and fulfill the needs of women in crisis situations? 

• Learn about the importance of female surge staff in the aftermath of crises

When emergencies strike, Sarah Butler thinks of the moms. A specialist in emergency nutrition, Sarah is a leader on breastfeeding in emergencies. One of the ways Save the Children protects babies is by supporting their mothers—providing information, resources, safe spaces and more to encourage women in emergencies to breastfeed their babies.

In the chaos of a disaster or a refugee camp, food, water and hygiene are unreliable.

Breastfeeding their babies is the best thing mothers can do to provide them with fluids, nutrition and immunity support. Not only does breastfeeding ease stress in babies, it avoids the need for formula mixed with contaminated water, which could spread potentially fatal diseases and diarrhea to babies.

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