Giving Compass' Take:

• Sophia Cole identifies ways for philanthropists to make an impact for women by funding local projects that empower women in their communities. 

• What opportunities exist in your community to lift women up? What are the most impactful long-term changes that you can make? 

• Learn how foundations can change policy through grassroots movements.

While we stand in awe at the strength and resilience of the voices who speak out, organize and push for gender equality, are we giving enough attention to our local, quiet heroines championing gender equality?

The smallest gesture can have the biggest impact. You do not have to be a celebrity or a political figure to join in the sweeping movement. By investing in women-led grassroots organizations in the U.S, you are investing in a ripple effect that improves local communities, the region, and our country.


  • Invest in organizations that are women-led and have grassroots initiatives.
  • Push for gender inclusiveness on your staff and board.
  • Embed a gender equality lens in your funding framework: Collect data that disaggregates different intersections of gender and racial groups to understand where your money is really going.
  • Support organizations that: influence others beliefs and actions; challenge stereotypes and biases; and forge positive visibility of women.
  • Fund policy work and community engagement, which NCRP research has found produces a $115 to $1 return-on-investment.

Read the full article about the importance of funding women at the local level by Sophia Cole at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.