Giving Compass' Take:

• Moiyattu Banya-Keister shares insights from the #LiftUpPhilanthropy twitter chat about the future of philanthropy in Africa. 

• Collaboration is a main takeaway from this chat. How can funders ensure healthy collaboration is happening in philanthropy in Africa?

• Learn how to form a plan for philanthropy in Africa

Here are the key takeaways from the discussion particularly around what strategies do we need to utilize more across the continent for African Philanthropy to thrive, grow and become accessible to all communities:

Best Practice Sharing: There was a clear discussion on the fact that there is a lot of learned lessons and strategies that are working within various philanthropic spaces on the African continent that what would be beneficial is to have the opportunity to map out the various strategies that are working well on the continent and curate these to create stronger philanthropy communities.

Research as a Critical Need for African Philanthropy: There was a specific focus on the need to develop data to inform the decisions around how philanthropy is done on the continent. Also using data as a means to inform what is working well and what isn’t working well. And last but not least utilizing data as a means of policy and advocacy around philanthropy.

Inclusiveness and Language: It is critical that we ensure that we are spreading the messages that philanthropy is for everyone and isn’t for a specific subset of society. This came across in various tweets.  It was also emphasized that we have to bring philanthropy to the grassroots level. In fact, I would argue that philanthropy has always been at the grassroots and it is critical for the conversations to begin there.

Collaboration and Partnerships: A case was made for the importance of ensuring we are collaborating across sectors, regions and countries to ensure we are implemented streamlines strategies and having more focused conversations that can ultimately benefit communities. This also lends itself to the necessity of mentorship of the next generation of philanthropists. It is important for older organizations to invest their time, expertise, into cultivating younger African youth philanthropy networks in order for African Philanthropy to remain alive.

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