There has never been a time with more accurate data about nonprofits before now. Despite this, many misconceptions about nonprofits still exist, from the belief that nonprofits “aren’t really businesses” to “nonprofit workers should be working for peanuts.”

Dispelling misconceptions takes effort since people are more likely to hold to their beliefs than change them. Misinformation, if it persists, can lead to poor decisions from the public. Below, 12 members of Forbes Nonprofit Council come together to help break up these myths and explain why such misconceptions are dangerous to the industry.

  1. Nonprofit Work Isn't Entrepreneurial
  2. Nonprofit Work Is Easy And Flexible
  3. Passion And Vision Are All You Need
  4. Nonprofits Should Limit Expenses
  5. Grants Are Enough To Sustain A Nonprofit
  6. Leadership Quality Is Below For-Profit Level
  7. Nonprofit Workers Should Be Martyrs
  8. Pay Should Be Below Market Value
  9. There Should Be A Defined Overhead
  10. A Single Large Donor Is Key To Growth
  11. Nonprofits Are Less Efficient And Innovative
  12. Donations Are The Only Way To Help

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