In the nonprofit world, donors, clients, and other partners are pushing organizations to demonstrate how they are honestly assessing and acting to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts.

Undoubtedly, there will be organizations more focused on saying they care about the issue for the sake of appearances (and funding) rather than on doing the work involved in making significant and lasting change. Fortunately though, there are nonprofits working diligently to figure out how best to fully incorporate the values of DEIB into their mission, their culture, and their programming.

Let’s assume that your board has bought into the need for seeking change in DEIB culture. Now what? Here are seven ideas to consider as you continue to push forward this important work:

  1. Include DEIB as an integral part of the strategic plan. Hold the board and ED accountable for executing.
  2. Identify board champions of DEIB. Give them space and resources to drive change.
  3. Make sure DEIB stays on the agenda and in the budget.
  4. Start small and build on successes.
  5. Celebrate successes, no matter how small.
  6. Bring in new board members who care about DEIB and some who have related expertise. Allow those who do not buy in to exit gracefully.
  7. Be open to looking at yourself in the mirror.

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