Giving Compass' Take:

· Mirella Ferraz at Shareable explains how an organization known as Food in Community is tackling food poverty by diverting food waste to feed hungry people in need.

· How can we scale these efforts to tackle food poverty and waste around the world?

· Check out this article about a sustainable food cafe fighting food poverty on England.

Seven years ago, two sustainable horticulture students took a field trip to one of the biggest organic producers in the U.K. and were shocked to see cauliflowers left in the field due to their irregular shape or size. In reaction, they founded Food in Community, which aims to tackle food waste, food poverty, and social isolation in Totnes, England, by connecting producers with food banks and other distributors.

With support from grants, food suppliers and a team of enthusiastic volunteers, the organization makes deliveries weekly to those who struggle to access food.

Co-director Chantelle Norton says “one of the needs we’ve identified is that food banks’ clients can’t really use a lot of the food that gets donated (for instance, a homeless person might not have access to a stove to heat up a can of baked beans or cook some pasta), so we facilitate swaps between organizations and all the parties involved get better served.”

Food in Community plans to replicate, rather than expand, and is piloting another project in Newton Abbot, a neighboring town. That means they’re engaging with the local community and local businesses to address the same issues around food waste and food poverty, whilst establishing a network in that specific context.

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