Giving Compass' Take:

• A new policy paper from The Aspen Institute's Economic Strategy Group proposes a $22 billion grant for community colleges to help increase upskilling and degree attainment.

• How can donors help support and drive funding towards higher education, specifically community colleges? How can we ensure students with a community college education attain the proper skills needed for the workforce?

Here's an article on community college reforms being on the right track. 

The American workforce is becoming more educated, requiring people to upskill in order to stay competitive. MarketWatch reported in June that employers hired those with a college degree for nine out of 10 jobs that were created in the prior 12 months.

Yet not all degrees are equal. In fact, many employers are finding a discrepancy between the jobs they need to fill and the education levels of prospective hires. In an October report, the Urban Institute's Molly Scott and Demetra Nightingale called that phenomenon a "mix-match", with around two-thirds of entry-level jobs requiring a high school diploma or less and 60% of the population having more than that level of education.

It's in this landscape that the Aspen researchers make their ambitious proposal to pump up investment in community colleges.

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