Giving Compass' Take:

• Jennifer Agustin at Getting Smart writes how we can teach our children, and specifically, daughters, to embrace and appreciate critical thinking to empower them to love math. 

• What programs are there that help steer young girls toward the skills and learning experiences that STEM involves? 

• Here's an article on advancing equity, representation, and opportunity for women in STEM.

It’s no secret that women have lower representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees and careers, and this should be of concern for everyone. Whether you’re a parent or an educator looking to ensure equity for every child or a business professional seeking to establish a smarter, more profitable company, diversity in any field is proven to help.

That being said, we should think bigger when it comes to empowering girls to love math. We must focus on the impact math can have on girls’ overall critical thinking, confidence, and eventual career paths, no matter their ambition.

So, what can we as parents do right now, for young girls in particular? Here are three ways we can shift the focus of empowerment beyond solving a numerical problem and toward the level of critical thinking that will be required of our children as technology shifts the jobs they will hold.

  1. Banish the idea of being “good at math” by focusing less on the right answer and more on the thinking used to get there.
  2. Connect math to everyday life and appreciation will follow.
  3. Talk to girls about why math matters, regardless of their career ambitions.

Read the full article about empowering daughters to love math by Jennifer Agustin at Getting Smart.