Giving Compass' Take:

• In a video at The Aspen Institute, three experts offer unique, innovative solutions for sending masks to the growing number of health care workers at the front lines of the pandemic.

• We have the resources to achieve a variety of solutions for sending masks all over the world. How can we combine expertise from various sectors around the globe in a collective effort to protect those on the front lines? Are you prepared to offer your efforts to the collective cause?

• Learn more about supporting nonprofits as they fight their own battles with COVID-19.

This is the first virtual conversation in the #AspenHealthForAll ACTIVATE series. In this first conversation we will explore entrepreneurial solutions to put masks and protective equipment in the hands of health workers. We are bringing perspectives from manufacturers, humanitarians, and frontline health workers. This conversation will feature:

Esther Choo, MD MPH is an Associate Professor in the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. She is a practicing physician and NIH-funded investigator, with expertise in drug policy, injury, and gender disparities in healthcare.

Ami Dror, is the co-founder of LeapLearner, a Shanghai-based education technology company that enables children to code our AI-powered world. Mr. Dror is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute, a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and a member of the Aspen Institute Moderator Corps.

Navyn Salem, in 2009 Navyn set out to help end the crisis of global malnutrition by founding Edesia, a U.S. non-profit, social enterprise, with a mission to treat and prevent malnutrition in developing countries worldwide.

Peggy Clark (moderator), is a Vice President of the Aspen Institute and Executive Director of Aspen Global Innovators Group. Peggy has had a 30-year career working on issues of poverty alleviation, global health, social enterprise, and development finance.

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Watch the video about solutions for sending masks to health workers at The Aspen Institute.