Giving Compass' Take:

• Greta Thunberg has dominated headlines, but Siobhan Neela-Stock highlights five other youth climate activists who are organizing to address climate change that you should know. 

• How can donors support youth activism for climate change? Are you ready to fund these young people and their organizations?

• Read about how philanthropy can support the youth-led climate strikes.

By now, you probably know who 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is. From the brilliant shade she threw at President Trump after he mocked her heartfelt speech at the U.N. Climate Action Summit, to leading the Global Climate Strike of 4 million people, it's clear she's a superstar climate activist who isn't going anywhere.

But she's not the only young person demanding action on the climate crisis.

Here are five young climate activists you should also follow.

  1. Alexandria Villaseñor, 14 years old As the founder of Earth Uprising, a global climate change movement, and one of the youngest organizers of the historic Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike, it's no secret that Alexandria Villaseñor is on the frontlines of the climate change movement.
  2.  Isra Hirsi, 16 years old Daughter of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, Hirsi is the executive director and co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike, a group that organizes youth climate strikes around the country and advocates for climate policy like the Green New Deal.
  3.  Xiye Bastida, 17 years old The Mexican-born activist is no stranger to climate change and its devastating effects. Bastida now works as an activist, Fridays for the Future NYC organizer, and youth ambassador for Y on Earth, which provides communities with information on sustainability. She even helped organize the Sept. 20 U.S. Global Climate Strike in New York City, where Greta Thunberg spoke.
  4. Vic Barrett, 20 years old  Through Juliana vs. United States, Barrett, along with 21 other young plaintiffs, are suing the government for its central role in encouraging the climate crisis by supporting an energy system that emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases.
  5. Katie Eder, 19 years old Eder is the executive director of the Future Coalition, a network she founded in 2018, consisting of over 40 youth-led organizing groups.

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