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• At TriplePundit, Aramark discusses the lack of healthy food for some children in the summer months, especially those who usually qualify for free meals during the school year. Local community centers can help fill the gap.

• What can we do to support local efforts to make sure kids are fed well when they're not in school? We cannot take a vacation when it comes to this issue.

Here's how an organization called FEEST Seattle involves local youth in sustainable, community meals.

It’s August, and we’re well in to the heat of summer. It should be a carefree time for children, but for those who depend on the National School Lunch Program during the school year, summer may mean poor nutrition, even hunger.

Statistics show that less than 20 percent of kids who qualify for free meals during the school year receive free summer meals for a variety of reasons — lack of access to meal sites, insufficient program awareness, and fewer resources when schools are closed. Add in the fact that summer days are often less structured, some children may actually have less physical activity and turn to less healthy foods than they normally would during the school year, so their health and wellbeing can easily suffer.

Local community centers — many that run not only meal programs, but also health and nutrition programs — are critical to making sure that kids and their families enjoy a summer of wellbeing. They offer a variety of programs from summer meals to nutrition and cooking classes and community gardens where participants can grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

At Aramark, we champion community centers that support health and wellness through Aramark Building Community and our Feed Your Potential 365 Clubs.

Aramark Building Community (ABC) is our philanthropic and volunteer program. Through ABC, our volunteers partner with local community centers to inspire families to lead healthy lifestyles and help youth and adults prepare for the workforce.

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