Giving Compass' Take:

· Urban Institute reports on a recent event held by Google discussing the future of work in America and provides four ideas to help prepare for the changing workforce.

· How can society adapt to the changing workforce? How can the education system help prepare youths for the shifting economic forces?

· Read more about the future of work and family prosperity.

Ten years ago, the concept of a professional video game player might’ve seemed far-fetched. But today, one league starts players with a $50,000 salary (plus benefits and a retirement plan).

The nature of work is changing—including even what we perceive as “work.”

At a recent event hosted by Google, scholars responded to concepts published in Google’s report on the changing nature of work, Opportunity for Everyone. Google, which has provided funding to Urban to explore issues around the future of work, invited Urban Institute fellow Donald Marron to participate in the discussion.

The conversation revealed four ideas to help America prepare for and adapt to these changes.

  1. Embrace technological advancement
  2. Rethink the education system
  3. Don’t forget "soft skills"
  4. Make solutions marketable and responsive to local needs

Read the full article about preparing for the future workforce by Robert Abare at Urban Institute.