Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Causeartist, Ian Lewis explains how the fashion industry is working to help reduce plastic waste by using recycled plastic to create textiles for clothing.

· In what other ways is plastic being recycled and turned into new products? How can donors support these efforts? How will this idea is change the fashion industry?

· Here's how another fashion brand is turning waste materials and recyclables into streetwear.

Little do people know, but every piece of plastic ever made is reported to still exist to this day. To make matters even worse, there is a shocking amount of plastic waste floating around in the world’s oceans, actually around eight million metric tonnes. If we continue throwing plastic into the oceans, it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more of it then fish in the sea.

That’s a really massive problem, but thankfully many world-renowned fashion designers have come up with the idea of using recycled plastic to make stunning clothing. Believe it or not, the future of fashion is going totally green and innovative. Sewing sustainable clothes and helping save the planet is a trend that is going to conquer all runways, and here is how it all functions.

Once manufactured, plastic materials don’t fade off or get easily ruined (if not at all). The fact that plastic is not biodegradable represents a vast negative issue since it stays in the oceans, seas, and soil long after people dispose of it. The synthetic plastic which is still commonly used is not an utterly wise solution, because synthetic materials derived from plastic such as nylon, polyester, and lycra won’t degrade.

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