Giving Compass' Take:

• Lonneke Roza at Forbes writes on how corporations and companies can do their part in giving back and truly become a "force for good" through volunteer work.

• How can companies make volunteering more accessible for their employees? How can employees become more involved in the planning of corporate volunteer initiatives?

• Learn about why employee volunteering is more than corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR for short) is ‘in’ these days.

It’s no longer enough to simply make truck-loads of money for yourself and your shareholders or investors. Customers, clients and employees – particularly those from the younger generations – also expect an organisation to act in a responsible way and at least do no harm to society, though preferably actually contribute to it.

And this also makes good sense from a corporate point of view. Companies with a long-term perspective are coming to realise that their continuing success is, at least in part, dependent on operating in stable, sustainable societies. And if such companies can help to create these type of environments, either through corporate foundations or, for the less well-resourced, smaller scale philanthropic programmes, then surely we are looking at a win-win situation all round.

So how can companies go about putting this idea into action?

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