Giving Compass' Take:

• Cross Fields is a Japanese nonprofit that matches corporations with social purpose organizations to achieve common goals and start mutually beneficial relationships. 

• Why is the matching process within corporate volunteering programs necessary for building capacity of social purpose organizations? 

•  Read about the benefits of consistent volunteering programs in corporate social responsibility. 

In a world where social issues are becoming more intertwined and complex, more resources from different angles are necessary to tackle them. Cross Fields believes that the private and public sectors in Japan can provide that necessary human and intellectual capacity building capital to the social sector.

Thus, with the mission, “Make a difference to the society by bridging beyond the border and empowering challengers,” we act as the “bridge” by matching skilled-professionals of Japanese corporates to the specialized needs of Social Purpose Organizations.

However, the “best match” for all parties lies not only in matching the skills and the needs, but also in developing the leadership capacities of corporate employees. By understanding the needs of all stakeholders involved, we will be able to create the best match possible.

However, not all proposals materialize into collaboration. Here are 2 ways Cross Fields strive to find the best match between corporate volunteers and SPOs:

  1. Identify host organizations that are enthusiastic The three most important factors when identifying a host organization includes: social mission and created impact, presence of passionate leaders, and risk-management.
  2. Understand corporates’ expectation for leadership development Japanese corporates often expect the environment where volunteers will be engaged in to be competitive, so that they can help to catalyze innovation.

Achieving the best possible match possible for both the host organization and the corporate volunteers is one of the most essential aspect of this program. From fall of 2018, Cross Fields has collaborated with AVPN to match Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) from Deal Share to corporate volunteers from established Japanese corporates that can provide professional support to SPOs.

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