Giving Compass' Take:

• Food Tank interviews Uwe Voss at HelloFresh who talks about the transformative approach to food and the food system: meal kit deliveries. 

• How can donors help fund and draw attention to innovative food system start ups? How can we drive consumer approach to better functioning food systems?

Here's an article on the benefits of a diversified food system. 

On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of HelloFresh Uwe Voss talks about how meal kits can transform the ways consumers approach food and the food system. “We make fresh, healthy food delicious, so people enjoy it and gravitate to that versus other options. And, we really think about our product as a tool for families to connect around the dinner table again. It is a super important moment,” says Voss.

The meal kit service provides consumers with pre-portioned ingredients to minimize at-home waste; and with the help of Boston-based startup Spoiler Alert, HelloFresh started a donation program to rescue the company’s food waste.

Consumers can learn their role minimizing food loss on farms as well by participating in meal kits, says Voss. HelloFresh sends complete recipes to their consumers, including ingredients that often go un-desired—and eventually wasted—on farms.

Listen to the podcast about meal kit delivery services by Katherine Walla at Food Tank