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• Here are some guiding strategies for nonprofit organizations to create sustainable goals and objectives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

• How can donors help nonprofits work on sustainability measures during this time? 

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During this pandemic, it has been a challenge to look one month ahead with certainty, let alone a year or more. Although 2020 has been indelibly marked by the dual crises of Covid-19 and systemic racial injustice — one of the crises new, the other a longstanding issue that is getting much-needed attention around the world — organizations must emerge from crisis mode and thoughtfully plan for what is ahead.

At my organization, we are reviewing the dramatic shifts we made during the pandemic and assessing what has worked and what hasn't and what that means for the coming months and beyond. Just as we are cautiously resuming some activities in our personal lives, with masks on and other precautions in place, we must emerge carefully and look ahead institutionally.

Here are some guiding principles to keep in mind, whether you are planning to enter a formal strategic planning process or conduct less formal discussions to create new goals and objectives.

  1.  Encourage participation and collaboration from all levels.
  2. One size does not fit all.
  3. Recognize how the pandemic has changed your goals, opportunities and interests.
  4. Reflect on the movement for racial justice and consider how it demands new work internally and externally.
  5. Consider multiple scenarios and contingencies.

The year 2020 has been like no other. While it is impossible to be certain given the changing nature of the pandemic and its effects, we must make space to plan for the year ahead, to acknowledge the unique challenges as well as the opportunities these challenges present. We must chart a new course in order to face the challenges we have been served.

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