The Resilient Schools Project, a Future of School initiative, partners with districts, like South Dorchester School District Two (Summerville, SC) is an award-winning school system near the Charleston, South Carolina area with more than 26,000 students attending district schools. The district has fifteen elementary schools, six middle schools, and three high schools that serve the suburban community of Summerville in Dorchester County.

Recognized as a school system of excellence, Dorchester School District Two has been awarded district-wide National Accreditation from the Cognia Accreditation Commission. The district is committed to providing opportunities that ensure that students possess world-class skills and knowledge to be college and career ready. These goals parallel the tenets of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate and shape the rigorous and relevant curriculum, as well as innovative programming, in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Dorchester School District Two is leading the way, every student, every day, through relationships, rigor, and relevance. As reported on the 2019 South Carolina report card, Dorchester School District Two achieved a graduation rate of 90.3%. In addition, the 2020 graduating classes of 1,773 students were offered a total of $40,970,507 in scholarships.

The Dorchester County School District Two′s School Board recently announced that its students would remain in eLearning through the end of January. District officials say data shows COVID-19 activity in Dorchester County is spiking because of holiday traveling and gatherings. Also, District leaders realized that the students were technology savvy, but parents needed additional assistance. The District uses Modern Learning Specialists (MLS), or teachers who are very real versed in technology, to communicate with parents about technology. Theses MLS’s posted videos for parents but they were not utilized to the level that the district wanted, so they reached out to Future of School to see if we could facilitate additional training.

The Resilient Schools Project is a Future of School initiative to assist schools and districts with developing an ongoing response to instruction disruptions during the 2020-21 school year.

Teresa Kelly, the Dorchester District Two-Parent Coordinator said that at first, she was hesitant about reaching out to Microsoft about training because she felt that Microsoft would not readily give this type of training for free. When she heard from Future of School that the Microsoft team was willing to train her parents, she literally shed tears.

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