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The Trump Administration's stricter immigration policy is taking a toll on students who fear deportation, and school districts are working hard to help kids feel safe and protected in schools.

How can donors support the districts taking action to ensure student safety from immigration enforcement at school?

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When nine parents or guardians of students in the ​Honey Grove Independent School District in Texas were recently detained during a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid at a trailer manufacturing plant, Superintendent Todd Morrison wanted to tell the students himself before they heard about it on social media, according to an article by The Hechinger Report.

He raised money for the families and gave them Visa gift cards that could help tide them over until help could arrive, and in the weeks after, he accompanied them to seek legal advice and made counselors available to students.

In the wake of President Trump’s crackdown on immigration, districts across the nation are dealing with how such raids and threats of deportation affect students. If a child’s home life is thrown into a crisis, Morrison told The Hechinger Report, learning becomes difficult, and organizations such as the American Psychological Association agree – forced parent-child separation and parental loss, it says, are potentially traumatic events with adverse effects on children’s mental health.

Any disruption in a student's home life can have a cascading effect on a his or her school performance and even their behavior. Fear of the unknown when a parent is detained due to illegal immigration charges can leave students fearful and depressed.

The fallout of the immigration policy leaves districts with another area of need to monitor among students. Some districts are pushing back. For example, in Oakland, California, Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell recently outlined protocols designed to protect students from immigration enforcement at school.

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