Giving Compass' Take:

• The partial government shutdown which lasted five weeks impacted the Forest Service workforce and delayed crucial progress.

• How can the nonprofit sector collaborate with policymakers in this area to develop solutions? 

• Here's an article on what donors can do in the near and long term to help the affects of the government shutdown. 

During the Camp Fire in Northern California, President Donald Trump criticized the state's fire management strategy and issued an executive order calling for more "active management" of public lands. Ironically, the partial government shutdown initiated by the president delayed fire prevention and mitigation work in California, according to United States Forest Service officials.

The winter months are an important time for fire-ravaged states like California to lessen the impact of the coming fire season through prescribed burns. This technique allows firefighters to burn excess vegetation and hazardous fuels under controlled conditions to mitigate destruction and protect developed areas during peak wildfire season. Cooler temperatures and higher levels of precipitation make the winter the ideal time of year to conduct prescribed burns.

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