Giving Compass' Take:

• Chalkbeat discusses the power of student run podcasts as a way to get teens to talk about tough topics. 

• Mental and emotional health need to be more utilized in schools for the well-being of students. How can podcasts and other forms of healthy communication be most effectively used? 

• Schools need more mental health services for students, click here to learn more. 

After the student podcast club at Hancock High School proposed tackling mental health for its first episode, members fanned out to gather research then excitedly shared what they found. But when faculty adviser Ray Salazar asked how the information related to their own experiences, conversation stopped.

“I wasn’t used to speaking about mental health with my friends, so coming to the club and talking about it then was not going to be possible for me,” said junior Andres Cisneros, 16. “I said nothing.”

That uncomfortable silence illustrated one of the points and purposes of the podcast: People, especially teens, have difficulty talking about their personal struggles with mental health, even though those challenges are widespread. About one in five U.S. adults experiences mental illness in a given year, but communities of color, especially Latino and black people, use mental-health services at only a fraction the rate of white Americans.

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